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On Mart Packaging Machines


On Mart Makine Sanayi was created by Oktay Naçar and Salih Çoban in 2016 with a view to presenting 21 years of experience to their customers.

Thanks to the solid business idea, experience, perseverance and patience, they made the right decision at the right time. Closely following international trends we keep bringing innovations to our company. Providing the best service solutions along with the extensive product range, in 2016 On Mart Makine started to manufacture filling machines and packaging equipment and has taken its rightful place in the field of packaging. As our company is constantly grows we proceeding fast and sure steps towards becoming an international brand. Due to high quality of our machines and confidence in the services supplied to our customers, On Mart Makine has become a recognizable trademark and began to provide service in a lot of points in Turkey. Moreover, by showing transparency, high accuracy and honesty, by respecting the consumers and the environment in our business relations, we have become one of the most preferred brands in the field of packaging.

On Mart Makine's Filling, Capping and Labelling machines are designed to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of clients in Chemical, Food, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Paint and other industries. We provide 100% support at all stages including production, marketing and after sales services. Sustainable growth and quality improvement, enhanced employee satisfaction, efficiency in production, customer confidence — these are our main key challenges in order to preserve our brand. By constantly growing and developing we will try to increase the number of our satisfied clients. Being flexible and responsive to changes in environmental conditions with using a long-time experience, we will strive for perfection to become a strong tomorrow's leader.

Oktay Naçar

General Manager - Business Development Specialist

OUR VISION: On Mart Makine continuously improves customer service concept in its sector and aims to become a leading company on the internal market. To achieve this goal, by bringing customer confidence and satisfaction Customer-Focused Management concept was adopted. Learning and continuous improvement are the values, which are inseparable components of our organizational culture. All On Mart Makine's team works on the basis of these principles, to meet international quality standards.

OUR MISSION: On Mart Makine being respected and reliable, well aware of earned values protection and corporate liability concept. Since its foundation until today it supplies uncompromising quality and excellence, which are hidden in details, and it going to provide best service and world class products to its customers.