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Technical specifications

Capping unit is fully automatic.

It only requires the operator places the cap onto the container; the capping machine automatically handles the container and torques caps to tightness. For example: Screw Caps, Twist-Off Caps, Snap-On caps, triggers or pumps caps closes automatically (Triggers and pumps are places on the bottle by operator and tighten by machine automatically)

Setting of the desired torque is carried out by operator.

Caps are tightened with 3 pairs of side tightening disks (These discs are located on the right and left sides of the conveyor) that spins the cap on and tightens with the desired torque. The capping process will run continuously without bottles stopping.

Gripper side belts (located on the right and left sides of the conveyor) keep bottles stable and prevent their turning round as they move through the capping machine.

ON MART capping machine provides simple and easy adjustment of changing the bottle type without using any tools.